Counselling and Psychotherapy

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Counselling in East Dulwich

Counselling and Psychotherapy
21st January 2020 
Counselling and Psychotherapy
Nicky Carlisle
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East Dulwich
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How can counselling help?

As well as offering space and support therapy can help you to explore how you relate to people (often explored through the therapeutic relationship) and help increase awareness of what you bring to relationships and the patterns you may have become stuck in. We can work with you to help you increase this awareness providing the opportunity for reflection, change and more conscious decision making.

Through our work with clients we have seen how a therapeutic space and relationship can heal and transform bringing hope and the possibility of another way of being.

How do you work?

Working integratively brings a flexibility and creativity to meet your specific needs and personal situation. We are all different and having knowledge and training in different approaches allows for us to tailor therapy to suit you.

This may be short term, solution focused or longer term to allow for deeper exploration.

We will offer you the space and opportunity to see how you understand and manage your present life (what is happening in your life), but also to look at the past with curiosity and new understanding. We can explore new ways of approaching difficulties to help make changes or to look at alternate ways of relating.

What will happen?

The initial session is an opportunity for us to meet and talk about what brings you to therapy, what you may want and hope for and how we will begin to work together. It is an opportunity for you to ask any questions and address any worries you may have about the process of therapy and begin to experience how we may work together. Collaboration is very important in the therapeutic relationship - it is our hope that in the first session you will begin to experience this and how our work together can progress.

Sessions will vary and will primarily involve talking but may also include breath work, mindfulness techniques, drawing and visualisations. The process is always collaborative with the aim to increase your understanding giving you the ability to manage day to day within relationships and your environment.